There inevitably comes a time in every dog owner’s life when they realise they have two choices. Either they can continue paying for professional dog grooming services, often an impressively high amount. Or they can take matters into their own hands, and enter the world of dog grooming clippers. The prospect may seem daunting, but these days there are products on the market designed with keeping things as simple as possible. A good kit will come with a number of accessories chosen to simplify the pet grooming at hand.

However, the sheer choice of dog grooming tools out there can make it difficult to decide which product is right for you. There are a number of best clippers, and certain product sets are designed with certain buyers in mind. You may be looking for an all-rounder that can be adapted to a number of different breeds and tasks. Or, you may be looking for a set of clippers suitable for a specific kind of dog if you know how to cut dogs’ hair.

Whatever your requirements and needs with animal grooming, our complete guide will tell you everything there is to know about the world of dog grooming at home. We’ve gone to the trouble of researching some of the very best pet grooming supplies out there, to bring you a rundown of some of the best dog shaver option around. We’ll also be telling you the technical specs for each one like clipper blades, and our own personal pick. Plus, we’ll provide you with a guide to the many variations on offer in the world of grooming clippers. Read on to find out exactly what to expect from pet grooming clippers, and how to make the most of your money.


ProductRun TimeCharge TimeNoise LevelKit ContentsRating
Bonve Pet ClippersBonve Pet Clippers2h30minAround 50 DComb, Scissors, Brush, Guards, Charging Dock4.8 of 5
Enjoy Pet ClippersEnjoy Pet Clippers7h3 Hours50-60 DbComb, Scissors, Brush, Guards, Charging Dock4.6 of 5
Sminiker Professional ClippersSminiker Professional Clippers6h3 hoursAround 50 DbComb, Scissors, Brush, Guards, Charger4.3 of 5
Bojafa ClippersBojafa Clippers70 min15 minutesBelow 60dbComb, Scissors, Brush, Guards, Charger4.3 of 5
BestTrendy ClippersBestTrendy Clippers70 min15 minutesAround 50 DbComb, Scissors, Brush, Guards, Charging Dock4.3 of 5
Wahl Pro Series ClippersWahl Pro Series Clippers2h20 minutes50-60 DbComb, Scissors, Brush, Guards, Charger, Case, DVD4.1 of 5
Wahl Deluxe ClippersrWahl Deluxe Clippers2h20 minutes50-60 DbComb, Scissors, Brush, Guards, Charger, Case, DVD4.1 of 5
Sminiker Pro Clippers w/ Comb GuidesSminiker Pro Clippers w/ Comb Guides70 min5 hours maxBelow 60dbComb, Scissors, Brush, Guards, Charger4.1 of 5
Wahl Clippers ComboWahl Clippers Combo70 min5 hours max50-60 DbComb, Scissors, Brush, Guards, Charger, Case, DVD4 of 5
Wahl Clippers Pet-ProWahl Clippers Pet-Pro70 min5 hours max50-60 DbComb, Scissors, Brush, Guards, Charger4 of 5



Bonve Pet Clippers

This fantastic set of animal clippers covers just about every base. Whether it’s your first set, or just a recent update, the Bonve Pet Dog Clippers provides an owner with everything they need when it comes to dog hair care. The package includes a cordless set of clippers, scissors, comb, and four different settings of closeness, all in one handy package. The clippers have a good level of power, and offer a surprisingly quiet ride given their strength. They can be easily charged via the supplied power cable, and it will take you next to no time to get them up and running.

Unfortunately he ceramic blades do require a certain amount of maintenance and care. However, that’s usual for higher end products. The end result is certainly worth the extra effort. All in all, these best cordless clippers offer a high level of quality, coupled with all the extra equipment you need to make a thorough job of your dog’s grooming. Plus, the pack comes with a plastic brush designed to make the cleaning of these clippers as quick and easy as possible.

They’ve certainly found favour with customers online. Lea says they are ‘Really good clippers for the price’, and ‘Really quiet’. Meanwhile, Valerie says they are ‘Great quality’, and would be suitable for cutting human hair if you didn’t know the difference.



This fantastic set of cheap clippers have been designed to give that little bit extra when it comes to trimming your dog’s hair. The Enjoy Pet Dog Clippers has been created with a total of 33 teeth, rather than the standard 24. The result is a product that can stand up to the toughest, most hard to deal with animal hair. If you have a dog with especially long or tough hair, this is the product for you.

As far as the package itself goes, you have everything you would expect. There are four different hair trimming guides, a charger, a good set of scissors and comb, and a fantastic battery that allows for an exceptionally long life before charging. You can get an impressive seven hours out of this product., an impressive length of time that beats many of the other competing packages.

The clippers run at an impressively low level of noise, which is always a benefit. Sadly, one result of this is that they could maybe do with a little more power. But given the extra size of the blade, they make up for what they lack easily enough. The ceramic dog clipper blades are up to the toughest of jobs, and as long as you keep them well maintained, they will serve you for years to come. And it’s completely easy to switch between the five levels of blade. All you have to do is turn the knob to your preferred level to change it in seconds. Combined with the four guards that you can choose from, you’re offered a customisable cut that lets you ensure your dog gets exactly the right trim.

And there’s no shortage of enthusiasm online for these great clippers. Dan says it ‘Really makes cutting dog hair an enjoyable experience’, and rates the clippers with five stars. Meanwhile, Tammy reckons they are ‘Quieter than my expensive clippers’, and likewise gives a five star rating.



This package offers everything you need to start trimming your dog hair at home, all in one simple package. The main draw of the Sminiker Professional Low Noise Dog Clippers is the fact that they’ve made an effort to reduce the noise the item creates while running. The result is a set of clippers that operate at a lower volume, with considerably less vibrations than many other models. This means the entire experience is made considerably more comfortable for your pet. Excessive noise and vibration can easily upset animals, but this item operates at a low enough level to keep the animal calmer.

One result of this lower level of volume is that the item may seem slightly less powerful than you might like, which is a little disappointing. However, with a good set of blades, it’s easily up to handling whatever you can throw at it. All in all, it’s a worthwhile trade off to increase your pet’s peace of mind.

The rest of the package contains everything you need to ensure you get the most out of your cordless dog clippers. They supply you with a number of plastic guards, allowing you to regulate the length you cut at. Plus, they include a set of scissors and comb, to allow you to further customise your animal’s grooming experience. It’s a comprehensive package, that offer pet owners everything they need to provide their animal with the perfect trimming. All together, we found little here to dislike, and felt confident in this package.

And there’s no shortage of fans online who are happy singing the praises of this great product. J. Marshall describes it as a ‘Life saver’, and says that he couldn’t be happier. Meanwhile Hector Ortega describes the package as an ‘Awesome product’, mentioning the fact that buy buying it, he was able to save up to $120 on a grooming session for his two dogs.



This package offers some impressively high end technology, and all for a reasonable price. The first thing you notice about the Bojafa Professional Dog Grooming Clippers that sets it out from the rest of the crowd is the fact that it uses titanium blades. Most of the other products on the market go for ceramic, which while offering quality service, are not quite as durable as the titanium variety. That means that if you choose this package, you can rest assured that your product will remain effective long into the future.

And as far as the blades go, it gets better. They’ve opted to provide you with blades which can be easily removed from the best dog clippers for thick coats for cleaning purposes. This is a real godsend when you consider how easy it is for these tools to get clogged up. Most packages offer a plastic brush for cleaning out the heavy duty dog clippers, but a completely removable set of blades means you can ensure that your blades are as sharp and clean as the day you bought them.

There is one place where this package falls down somewhat, and that’s on battery power. They offer a total of 70 minutes on a single charge. That’s not too bad, but certainly doesn’t compare to a lot of the competition out there. On the other hand, the package comes with some extra batteries that mean you don’t have to worry about running out of power halfway through. All in all, there’s room for improvement, but it’s certainly not enough to make these not worth your while.

As to the rest of the package, they’ve supplied everything you need to start trimming your dog. There are the usual four different guards, which allow you to customise the cut you provide. Then there’s a comb and a set of quality scissors, perfect for dealing with areas where the clippers are not the best option. Plus there are the extra batteries and the plastic brush, even though the blades are removable. All in all, they’ve got everything you need.

And the package has plenty of vocal fans online. One customer gave it five stars, reporting that even her especially sensitive dog let her use it ‘To trim her ears’. Meanwhile Meredith said it was a ‘Great package deal’ and perfect for her labradoodle. She also awarded five stars.



When it comes to providing dog owners with a complete package, this deal goes the extra mile. There are plenty of great options out there, but the BestTrendy Professional Dog Clippers, Low Noise is guaranteed to have everything you need. The first thing you notice is that you’re provided with not one but two sets of scissors. There’s the standard kind that shows up in just about all of these kinds of packages. Then they’ve provided you with an extra set, designed specifically for thinning hair. It’s a good combination, especially when you take into account the comb that is also supplied. Together, all these extras allow you to customise your grooming to ensure that your dog gets exactly the right style.

As far as the clippers themselves go, they’ve got the usual array of four guards that allow you to determine the length of your trim. Plus, the clippers themselves are customisable, with settings easily changed by a switch on the device. The item operates at a low volume, which makes it ideal for trimming dogs. Many louder items can prove uncomfortable, putting the animal through far more stress than is necessary. With these, however, the low level of noise and vibration mean that the dog can enjoy a higher level of comfort while being groomed.

As far as power goes, the clippers are provided with both a power lead, and a dock that makes it easy to store and charge them when not in use. One thing we did have to mention is that unfortunately the item does not come with an extra battery. This is a shame, as most similar products would have made the effort to include one. However, given that they can easily be used while plugged in, it’s not a major issue. A complete charge provides the clippers with seventy minutes of power, which should be enough for most tasks.

And there are plenty of satisfied reviews waiting online. One customer describes the package as ‘Amazing’, and states that they have saved ‘So much money’ with the clippers. Another talks of the fact that the clippers make ‘No noise at all’, an obvious bonus when grooming dogs. Both customers gave five stars for the package.



This fantastic package comes with one of the very best sets of clippers around. The Wahl Pro Series Dog Clippers, Low Noise comes from America’s number one company for these items, so you’re guaranteed a high level of quality. Beyond the actual clippers themselves, the package comes with a great selection of accessories guaranteed to provide you with everything you need to start grooming your pets.

First off, we’re going to look at the device itself in our Wahl clippers review. They make use of a quality lithium battery to provide you with up to two hours of use on a single charge. That’s way more than most other models out there, and guaranteed to ensure that you have the power to carry out your task with zero problems. All it takes is a quick fifteen minute charge and you’ll be up and running. It’s clear that they’re making use of the very best technology around to provide you with quick, stress free grooming.

The blades themselves are fully customisable, allowing for whatever level of closeness you desire. Combined with the four guards supplied in the package, it’s easy to customise your cut to your own needs or wishes. Along with the guards, you’re supplied with a few great accessories such as a quality pair of scissors, comb and everything you need to clean the blades yourself. The whole package may be somewhat on the expensive side, which is a bad thing. But we have to say, you’re certainly getting your money’s worth. This company has a proven track record in providing some of the best clippers around. You can rest assured that when you invest in this package, you’re getting clippers that will stay effective for years to come.

And there are plenty of satisfied customer reviews online. R. Reed says that the package had ‘Good clippers, easy to use’, and gives the item a full five stars. Similarly, J Rush said it ‘Works great!’, and is just the right thing for their Pomeranian. These are just two of the many satisfied customers who don’t regret purchasing this top clipper package.



This fantastic kit comes with a wide array of extras to ensure that you’re able to provide the grooming experience you desire. The Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe has a total of seven different guards, meaning you can customise the clippers to fit any situation. The result is a package that is suitable for pretty much any kind of dog, and any kind of cut. It’s great to have so much versatility in a single package, and for our money, this makes this the ideal kit for owners of multiple kinds of dogs. This single package has everything you need to groom any number of different breeds. The result is that you can save money, while providing your pets with the best possible grooming experience.

Beyond the seven guards, the kit also features a handy set of scissors and a comb. These are always useful to have around, as they allow you to deal with any parts of the dog’s hair that aren’t practical for use with the clippers. They also supply everything you need to clean the blades, a crucial aspect as good maintenance is necessary if you want to ensure you get the most out of your investment. There’s also a DVD supplied, something we were extremely happy to see. It’s a rarity that these kinds of packages provide the user with any kind of detailed instructions. This extra bit of effort put this package a step ahead of all the competition.

One thing we did notice is that sadly you won’t be able to make use of a spare battery. Once your clippers have run out of power, you will have to recharge them until you can use them again. This is a shame, as many packages today offer extra battery packs to ensure you never run out of power. However, charge time is long enough that you should be able to get any tasks out of the way before the clippers run down. And since the unit can operate while plugged into the wall, it should pose no further problems.

There are certainly plenty of fans of these clippers online. Vinny E describes the clippers as cutting through his dog’s hair ‘Like butter’, and is happy to give them the maximum of five stars. Meanwhile, Captain Lou says that they are a ‘Nice set and value’, and is happy enough to give them a rating of four stars. These customers, and many more, were certainly satisfied with this great clippers package.



This top kit comes with just about everything you need to ensure you do a good job of your dog’s grooming. While the Sminiker Professional Dogs Clippers may not stand out in any particular way, it is a solid all rounder at a price that is suitable for just about anyone. With a decent selection of extras, and making use of some sound mechanics for the clippers themselves, this is an adaptable set that can cover just about any needs you may have.

As far as the accessories go, you have the usual array of four guards, allowing you to select the closeness of your cut. Then there is the brush for cleaning the blades. Many quiet dog clippers these days feature removable blades, which make cleaning as easy as possible. It’s a shame they haven’t gone for this option, especially since this product makes use of some really high quality titanium blades. A removable set would be far easier to clean and maintain, making for a longer product life. However, the brush is good enough to get out any hair that might clog up the blades. And it’s worth it just for having the titanium blades, a superior material for this kind of job.

The rest of the kit consists of two scissors rather than the usual one, which is nice, and a comb. These are a great combination for clearing up any difficult bits of grooming, and we’re happy to see them included in the package. The clippers also come with a power lead, and a charging dock for quick, easy recharging. They’ve got a life, when fully charged, of seventy minutes, which is what we would expect. That’s more than enough time for most grooming tasks, and any extra requirements can be carried out by plugging the item directly into the wall. All together, we’re confident that this great clippers set will meet the needs of most dog owners.

And there are plenty of happy customers already. A quick search online will show no end of happy users of this great package. Flower reckons that they are a ‘Great item’, with ‘Good pricing’, and is happy to award five stars. Meanwhile Abhaille feels that ‘Pets love it’, and is also happy to award five stars to this great package.



This great package features just about everything you could need to immediately get to grips with dog grooming. The Wahl Pet-pro Pet Clippers features a whole array of great features and accessories, making it as easy as possible for you to start grooming as soon as you get it.

First off, when it comes to accessories, they’ve gone all the way with a fantastic six guards for the clippers. Most companies go no further than four, but will six you can guarantee that you customise your dog’s grooming to the finest degree. On top of that, they’ve got the usual scissor and comb combination that you find in these sets. It’s a handy thing to include, as it lets you deal with any bits too awkward to use the clippers on. The whole package is housed in a handy plastic case, which makes for easy storage and travel. They’ve even thrown in a DVD to outline exactly how to get the most out of your package. That’s definitely not something we see everyday with these kinds of products, and sets this set out from the competition.

As far as the clippers themselves go, they make use of a high quality set of blades to ensure the easiest grooming possible. Everything you need to enjoy top trimming is available, and the clippers are reliable heavy. They don’t take too long to charge, but one thing we did miss was an extra battery pack. This can make a big difference when you have a large dog to deal with, or just multiple animals to groom. However, the item has a good enough battery life from a single charge, that you should be able to get through any tasks. And you can also use it by connecting it directly to a powerpoint, making it easy to complete any lengthy tasks.

We had no problems finding plenty of satisfied customers online. Many people were more than happy with their results, and didn’t hesitate to recommend this product to potential customers. Name reckons that the package provides ‘Great quality with a bonus’, and was confident enough to give it five stars. And Donna G judged it as ‘Great for grooming’. She also provided five stars.



This may not be the most extensive kit around, but if you’re looking for a no frills option that still guarantees quality, this could be the one for you. This great set features Wahl Pet-pro Dog Corded Clippers, from one of the most reliable companies around. The clippers are a popular option for dog owners everywhere, and are known to be manufactured to the highest possible standards. These clippers should be more than enough when it comes to dealing with your dogs.

The one thing we have to say about this package is that, compared to other sets out there, they unfortunately don’t have a whole lot on offer in some terms. The number of accessories, for instance, is fairly limited. There are four guard supplied, which should be enough to customise your clippers to suit any breed and style. But we’re especially happy when we see a package that goes the extra mile, with up to seven guards, and even a big storage case and how-to DVD. However, if you’re not fussed about all the added extras, this clippers set has more than enough for you. The quality of the item is high enough that you probably won’t even miss those extra bits and pieces.

This item is technically speaking more than enough for your grooming needs. Made in America, it uses a high quality motor to ensure a powerful, even cut. Everything is extremely well put together, and with a five year warranty, you can rest assured that you won’t have any problems in the future. A supplied cleaning set has everything you need to maintain the clippers, and with the right cleaning, you can ensure that they stay effective well into the future. These clippers have even gone so far as to provide you with a mirror, which isn’t something that we can say we have seen in any other packages.

And there’s no shortage of enthusiastic reviews waiting on the internet. These clippers have clearly satisfied the majority of their customers, and it’s easy to see why. Jen reckons that they are ‘Great’, and save her money by avoiding a ‘Bunch of visits’ to a dog groomer. She awards them five stars. Meanwhile Mr Howell reckons they are equally good for humans, or at least his brother thinks so. They also both feel these clippers warrant five stars.



There’s no end of possible variations when it comes to picking up a set of good clippers for your dog. We’re going to give you a complete rundown of all the things to look out for when you head out in search of a reliable set of the best dog grooming clippers. Not only are there a huge number of different clippers on offer, many of them have a certain set of accessories supplied with them. Getting the right accessories could make all the difference, if you’re looking for the best dog clippers for poodles.

It’s also crucial that you take into account what kind of dogs you are planning to groom. It can be a delicate business for a dog to get a haircut, and you can make it far less stressful for them by ensuring you use the best dog clippers for matted hair. We’ll give you a complete guide on identifying the right set for you, and ensuring that your animals can feel the benefits.

Plus, even though most of our top picks are all within the same price range, it’s still worth considering some of the added benefits available depending on your selection. For instance, some come supplied with a lengthy warranty that could ensure you stay grooming at home for years ahead. If you feel that your clippers may have a lot on their plate in the future, it could be worth investing in a set that provide the right kind of warranty.


It can be tempting to think that there’s really little difference between electric dog clippers and human clippers. While there have indeed been a few people online remarking that dog clippers are just as good for a personal haircut as human ones, the reverse is not entirely true. Perhaps more importantly, if you try and groom your dog with human clippers, there’s no way for you to be aware of the full effect the experience is having on the animal. Dog clippers have been designed with a specific number of parameters in mind, all aimed at giving your animal a relaxing but effective grooming.

One obvious factor that sets the best heavy duty dog clippers apart from human ones is the fact that they have been designed to provide a minimum amount of volume and vibration. It can be easy to dismiss this feature as nothing important, but in reality, a dog’s sensitivity to pitch and vibration can be badly affected by the wrong set of clippers. For sensitive animals, there are plenty of special options. And quiet dog grooming clippers in general aim to minimise potentially upsetting sound and vibrations.

Beyond that, there’s the obvious fact that much dog hair is far thicker than human hair, and naturally tends to be somewhat dirtier. Dog clippers are manufactured with these factors in mind. They are designed to attain maximum effect even if they have to deal with fur that is matted or extremely thick. Human clippers would be unlikely to stand up to the extra stress for long.


Dog clippers these days can come with a variety of possible features. To work out the perfect one for you, you need to consider the circumstances in which you plan to use it. It’s worth considering the number of dogs that you care for. If you have multiple animals, and they require regular grooming, it could be worth spending some extra cash to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. High quality clippers can include better blades, and a selection of speeds that allow you to determine the right one for your situation.

It’s also worth considering the situations in which you expect to use your clippers. If you may find yourself using them outdoors, and for multiple animals, it could be worth ensuring that your device has sufficient battery to complete the task. Otherwise, you will probably find yourself having to recharge throughout the job. And outdoors may not be the best place to make use of a powerpoint and charger.


Most of the cheaper dog clippers on offer are only really useful in their corded form. Or at least, if you plan on grooming multiple dogs or taking your time over the task, that may be the only way to make use of them. While most corded top dog clippers can be used as cordless as well, many feature a short battery life that might not be enough to complete the task in hand. Once the battery is dead, you’re faced with the choice of either completing the job by plugging into the wall, or waiting for the device to recharge.

When considering this dilemma, you’re best off looking at the battery life of your potential choices. Many cordless dog grooming clippers can offer impressive battery life that almost guarantees that you’ll be able to get through the task in time. If you feel like you may have to get through a lot in one go, or if you plan on doing most of your grooming outdoors, these are a good choice.

On the other hand, if you only have one dog to look after and expect that your dog clippers won’t be seeing a huge amount of use, it might be worth considering whether you need to pay for that extra battery power. A small dog, in a one-dog household, might not be worth the added expense.


If you really are looking at going for the budget option, you will probably end up picking single speed clippers. These are generally at the lower end of the market, and designed for people who aren’t looking to spend a huge amount. Maybe you only have one small dog to deal with, or are looking at a standby alternative to professional grooming for occasions when it isn’t necessary. Whatever your choice, there are plenty of affordable options here.

However, the vast majority of the options we looked at went for the multi speed option, and were still well within affordable budgets. The benefits of a multi speed option are that you can adjust the clippers depending on the animal. If you are working with a thicker coat, a multi speed option allows you to change the device depending on how it is functioning. High speeds may cut through fur easier, but on the other hand, they may be more prone to clogging up. The result could be a less effective grooming experience. But so long as you have the multi speed option to hand, you can always ensure that your animal gets the best possible cut.

As we say, multi speed is often exactly the same price, or only a little dearer, as single speed. You may not have to make a compromise, and it could make all the difference in the world. We’d recommend you consider investing that little bit more for a superior product.


It’s pretty obvious that, for a smaller breed of dog, it could make more sense for you to invest in a set of small dog clippers. Many brands of dog clipper are designed not specifically with dogs in mind, but with a broad range of animals. The result will often be a longer battery life, but also a large device designed for coping with something potentially the size of a horse.

If you’re just looking for something to meet the grooming needs of your one small animal, it would be worthwhile looking for a set of mini dog clippers designed with those requirements in mind. Larger devices inevitably create more noise and vibrations, which can be deeply uncomfortable for dogs. Plus, they could be designed with a coarser kind of fur in mind, and feature guards that are less useful for your one small animal. The manufacturers tend to give you a good idea in their description of exactly what kind of animal and size their product is aimed at. It’s worth your while making sure that you check out all the details, and pick your clippers accordingly.


One thing that is worth considering, and that really sets silent dog clippers apart from other options, is the noise factor. Many manufacturers offer a range of low noise clippers designed specifically with dogs in mind. If you think about it for a second, it’s easy to see why this could be a major concern. Dogs are extremely sensitive to noise and vibrations. An average cheap clipper could be giving out any manner of unpleasant vibrations that you are ignorant of, but which cause your dog a huge amount of discomfort. It can be worthwhile investing that little bit extra to ensure that your get a device which causes minimum discomfort to your pet.

However, it is also worth noting that not all dogs are likely to respond negatively to louder device. The question really is up to you. If you feel that your dog is unlikely to mind, or know from the past that it is not an issue, there’s no reason why you should be spending the extra money on a device that will have no noticeable difference. However, if you feel that, knowing your pet, it is likely to make a difference, it is worth doing. Grooming your animal can be difficult at the best of times. But the more stress and discomfort you put them in, the harder it is. Silent clippers have the potential to eliminate a huge amount of stress from the process, making things easier for both you and your dog.


It’s worth your while considering what kind of dog clipper blades is right for you. There are a few different varieties out there, and most kits come with a selection of guards that allow you to customise your dog’s hair. Much like human clippers, these guards mean that you can easily get the result you want. Odds are, if you’re using dog clippers for grooming purposes, you will be using one of these guards, so the actual clipper blades themselves are less crucial. Clipper blades are important if you’re looking to give your dog a much closer shave. The higher the rating of the blade, the closer the shave will be. Generally, the very highest numbers are only relevant to vets and professionals, people who need to shave close for a specific reason. As far as domestic purposes go, it’s unlikely that you will need anything closer than one of the usually four options provided in a guard selection.

However, if you really do desire a closer shave, it’s worth checking out one of the kits that comes with a wider variety of guards. That way, you can get a guard that allows for a close shave, but still provides the protection to your dog that the plastic guard offers. There are plenty of options out there that feature close guards ideal for giving a dog as short hair as possible.

So far we’ve covered pretty much everything you need to know about choosing a dog grooming kit. Obviously the key thing is that you should ensure you invest in the right kit for you. Give some thought to which features will matter most, and exactly how you will be using your kit. Do you have one dog, or many? Short haired or long? Does your dog spend more time inside or out? Indoors dogs will have less matted fur, and be far easier to clean.

Whatever your requirements, you are pretty much guaranteed to find a kit that suits you. We’ve given you everything you need to know, and the rest is up to you. The great thing about grooming kits is the fact that they allow for a wide range of customising, depending on your needs. All you have to do is switch the guard, and suddenly you have a completely fresh range of opportunities. On the other hand, some features such as noise are inherent in the nature of your chosen dog clippers. It’s worth putting in your time doing research into the available options, and considering what is right for both you and your dog.


An average dog grooming kit comes with a range of accessories that allow you to completely customise your dog clippers. The most important option is the selection of guards. These are plastic devices that function much the same as the guards on human clippers. They allow you to carry out a uniform shave at a set distance, giving you control over your dog’s eventual hair length. Most kits feature four options, which should be enough for most owners. However, if you have specific lengths in mind, it’s worth double checking the options. If a four guard set doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you might find it with a six or seven guard set.

Kits will also generally contain a comb and scissors. These are extremely useful for grooming. The comb is perfect for straightening out any matted hair, and it also allows you to control the length of specific shaves, much like at a barber’s. The scissors are ideal for dealing with any fur that is matted to the point of being unmanageable using the clippers. They are also great for levelling out any specific parts of the cut.

You will also receive a brush for cleaning out your clippers. It is essential to keep your clippers oiled and in good condition, or they will become unusable. The brush is perfect for removing any hair stuck on the blades after a grooming session. You can then use a clean mineral oil to lubricate the blades, ensuring they remain effective. Kits will also come with a power lead, that can be used to charge or simply to power the clippers while in use.


There is a wide variety of dog coats, naturally. A huge number of breeds feature as common domestic pets these days, and the length of their coat will determine the kind of grooming needs. It’s also worth pointing out that some dogs have far thicker coats than others. For short haired dogs, you may want to ensure that you invest in dog clippers with a guard of particularly high number. Obviously you can’t get vet-grade clippers, but a highish number should be more than enough. The plastic guard is a good way of ensuring that you minimise the chance of any small injuries to the dog during the grooming process.


For thick coats, you may want to consider investing in a higher end set of best dog clippers for thick hair. There are many American made clippers today that make use of a more powerful motor, for a stronger performance. These devices are less likely to have difficulties dealing with these thicker coats. It’s crucial that you get the right device for your dog, as it’s easy to hurt them inadvertently if you don’t have the right tool for the job.

Our list of the very best clippers around includes a number of clippers that are ideal for dogs with thick coats. Combined with a decent sized kit, you will be able to modify your clippers depending on the thickness of cut desired. Plus, if you choose a multiple speed set, you can ensure that all the parameters are chosen to give your dog the most comfortable grooming possible.


Many long hair dogs have far finer fur than shorter haired dogs. This means that you won’t need to be as worried when it comes to investing in a machine powerful enough to deal with them. However, that’s not to say that this shouldn’t be a concern of yours. Naturally, with more hair to deal with, grooming long haired dogs can be a pain. On top of that, you may find fewer uses for standard guards. The average set of guards may not go up to the length you would like for your dog. The solution to this is to check out kits that offer a wider selection of guards, with best dog clippers for long haired dogs.

However, you may find that your desired length is not covered by any of the available guard choices. The most sensible thing to do in this situation is make as much use of the comb as possible. While you may have some difficulty at first, in time you will probably get used to making use of it. Combined with either scissors or long hair dog clippers, it can provide a similar level of uniformity once you know what you’re doing.


This question depends on a wide range of different factors, and there’s no simple answer. It depends very much on the breed, and on how much time they spend outdoors. If your dog spends a large amount of time every week in the outdoors, they may be liable to matted fur a lot quicker than if they spend their time at home. A rough average of once every three months could be a good rule of thumb. You should incorporate any grooming into a wider regime that would features washing their hair as well. This will make the grooming itself far easier.

It’s also worth considering what kind of dog you have. Long haired varieties require regular brushing, and will probably need to be cleaned more often as well. As a result, more regular grooming could be a good idea. Short hairs can get away with far more, and are less inclined towards matted fur. As with all things related to your dog, it’s worth stopping to consider their needs, and what is realistic. Then you can plan carefully and ensure they get the best schedule for their habits.


Many of the approaches to making a dog comfortable with grooming are simple common sense. The first thing you need to know is that things are much simpler if you go slow. If your dog is not used to grooming, the experience may initially be strange or frightening. By going at a slow pace, and reassuring your dog throughout, you can make sure that the process is as stress free as possible.

It’s important not to pull at hair too much. This will make your dog stressed, and could hurt it as well. You’re far better off going slowly and gently, to make sure that they experience the minimum of disruption. Things help if you ensure all motions with the clippers are in the direction of the hair. This will result in a smoother grooming experience, and will reduce the chance of the clippers becoming jammed or caught on the dog’s fur.


For a complete idea of how to groom a dog properly, it’s worth doing research online. There are plenty of helpful videos that can give you a good idea of how to carry out the task. We recommend that you wash your dog beforehand, as this can remove any excess particles that might interfere with the process. Stay calm and collected, and do your best to reassure your dog throughout the process.

The clipper guards allow your clippers to function at a uniform rate. You may want to consider changing the guards, depending on what part of the dog you are working on. Often, hair on the head is kept a bit longer than that on the body. Always go in the direction of the fur, to keep the dog relaxed. You should probably put some thought into your entire plan of action before you start the grooming process.


Dog grooming clippers will last a long time if you treat them properly. It’s important that they’re kept as clean as possible when they are not in use. Some sets allow you to completely detach the blades, making the cleaning process extra simple. If you don’t have this option, don’t worry. Puppy clippers and regular ones come with a small brush designed for cleaning out the blades after use. Once you’ve removed any visible particles, you can clean the blades themselves with some blade cleaning solution. This is designed to remove any remaining dirt or oils that may be left on the clippers after use.

Once you’ve cleaned the dog shavers clippers, you should dry them carefully and apply a mineral oil to lubricate them. You can also disinfect them with an ordinary household disinfectant. This reduces any possible risk of dirt and disease being transferred. The clippers should be stored in a clean, dry place.


And that’s our complete rundown of everything you need to know when it comes to purchasing the best home dog clippers. There’s a lot to take in, but it’s all simpler than you think. Many clippers available now are of the highest manufacturing standards, and guaranteed to provide you and your dog with the best grooming experience possible. Complete grooming kits offer a variety of customisable options that allow you to change your best clippers for home use to suit your animal. The result is a tool that is useful and versatile, offering everything you and your dog need.

In conclusion, in this day and age, there’s no shortage of great dog fur clippers out there. If you take your time and ensure that you put your money in the right place, there’s no reason why you can’t make the most of grooming your dog at home. With a style to suit just about any breed, it’s easy for you to enjoy lower costs when you start taking care of this task yourself. There’s every chance that both you and your dog will benefit from a grooming process that ensures you are both at your very best every step of the way.

And as far as our own preferences go, the Wahl Deluxe Clippers Grooming Clippers is one of the best rated dog clippers with thousands of happy customers. This great set has everything you need to start grooming your dog with zero stress immediately. The ceramic blades are top quality, and the set of accessories allow you to customise to your heart’s delight. Perhaps most important of all, the clippers can operate at a low volume to ensure your dog has the most relaxing grooming possible.